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Official time building my Vans RV-9A: 2224.34 hours.

Building time for Tools: 0.0 hours.
Number of records for Tools: 4.

2005-05-04 Hours: 0 Category: Tools Manual Ref: 8-4 ID#: 674
Purchased a pneumatic cleco install tool
My new pneumatic cleco install tool arrived today from Aircraft Spruce.Quite a surprise as I placed the order with them yesterday! I seem to have developed tennis elbow, or more correctly, cleco elbow in both my arms. Probably due to all the repetitive clecoing over the past two years - and that is a bunch of clecoing. Just tried it out. I think it will prove to be a very worthwhile purchase, as I have many more clecoes to go. Wish I had this when building the wings!
The pneumatic cleco install tool from Aircraft Spruce made by USTool.
Insert the cleco in the chamber and compress the lever.
Lever compressed, insert cleco into hole. Also removes clecoes easily.
2003-08-15 Hours: 0 Category: Tools Manual Ref: ID#: 383
Ordered a "Main Squeeze" from Cleveland Tools
Broke down and ordered a "Main Squeeze" from Cleveland Tools while I am waiting for my wing kit. Getting it with the flange yoke. Ouch on the cost! but I think it will be well worth it.
2003-01-31 Hours: 0 Category: Tools Manual Ref: ID#: 271
Built another work table and bought an air compressor
This table I built by modifying the EAA1000 plans. It is convenient that after building the two EAA1000 tables that there is a 3'x4' piece of 3/4" plywood leftover to use for this. I used seven 2x4x8's for this table. It is 4 ft long by 2.5 feet deep by 35.25 inches tall. The rear side has a horizontal bracing member inset in the legs like the EAA1000 table, and two ends have horizontal bracing members fastened on the outside. The front is open to allow for moving the air compressor. Under the 3/4" table top in the center are two 2x4's spaced 3.5" apart running from front to back to support the riveting and dimpling tool.(Note the deck screws in the facing member showing where the 2x4's are installed.)
Work table with C-Frame and other tools.
My air compressor fits nicely underneath the work table.
2003-01-23 Hours: 0 Category: Tools Manual Ref: ID#: 269
Tool kit from Avery's arrived today!
January 23, 2003 - My tools from Avery's arrived today. How exciting to see all these tools I have never used before. I chose Avery's over the others simply because there were many more tools in the kit - the kit costs twice as much or more but I'd rather go ahead and get the tools instead of have to order them one or two at the time as I discover the need, or having to go driving around town shopping whenever I need something else.

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