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Official time building my Vans RV-9A: 2224.34 hours.

Building time for Electrical: 9.0 hours.
Number of records for Electrical: 2.

2014-07-05 Hours: 4 Category: Electrical Manual Ref: ID#: 1197
Had to degrease my flap motor
After 89 tach hours, my flap motor succumbed to the well documented grease problem that has plagued many RV'ers. At least, I expect that is the problem. Ironically, I had just signed off on the annual condition inspection. I cannot image that is anything but coincidence. I was on the ground thankfully when I discovered the issue. I was retracting my flaps while and there was no response when I pushed the switch up (or down). The next day, I tried again and the flaps went up but when I tried to put them down, the switch did nothing. I put a little pressure on one of the flaps as I pushed the switch down and the flaps extended. And went back up when I tried to retracted them. The next day, they worked without a problem. I tried them several different times that day and they worked fine. Geez! I decided not to ignore the problem and did some research on and found the Vans SB regarding the flaky flap issue. I removed the flap from the airplane and disassembled. I found a lot of grease in the motor. It had worked half way through the housing but had not yet gotten to the brushes. I cleaned it up nicely, reassembled and reinstalled. It seems to work fine. We shall see. The hex tool required is a 7/64th. I used laquer thinner sparingly and some q-tips to clean out the grease. I used strands of wire to hold the brushes back while reinstalling the brush horseshoe back onto the armature. Here is the link to Vans SB about the Flaky Flap Motor. Google Pittman 9234S004-R1 Lo-Cog 12VDC motor to find the motor and data sheet.
Plenty of grease half way up the magnets in the housing.
Grease all over the amateur and end cap.
2006-08-13 Hours: 5 Category: Electrical Manual Ref: ID#: 921
Aft fuse wiring done
Have not posted a log entry lately, but I have been working on gettting the wire aft of the baggage bulkhead installed. I have spent many hours over the last month engage in this. I have the pitch servo, stobe pack, ELT, etc. wires connected and in place. Time to rivet the aft top skin on.
The bay aft of the baggage bulkhead with ELT, servo, strobe pack wired up.
Close up of the pitch servo with safety wire installed.
Forward fuse showing a bunch of wires; transponder antenna installed.

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