Preparing the Workshop
I had to do a major shed clearing and renovation before even thinking about building an airplane in there. I figured I'd display this here to show anyone considering building their own airplane that there is perhaps somebody out there a little bit crazier. I don't think I can build much more that the empennage because of the lack of space. Perhaps I can work on the wings if I put the empennage in my house.

January 4, 2003 - I began to prepare my workshop for building an RV-9A by cleaning out the mess. Here you can see half the junk I took out of my 10 x 22 shed. That is my old dog "Bernie" on the right, lying in the grass. He is not certain what we're getting into here. DCP_1084.JPG (1053145 bytes)
Another view from the entrance. There's still alot of junk to get rid of. It just accumulates over the years. DCP_1086.JPG (533811 bytes)
January 5, 2003 - I laid a plywood floor the shed. Much better than gravel! DCP_1090.JPG (678714 bytes)
January 16, 2003 - Constructed two EAA1000 tables and another 2.5x4 table that fits nicely over my new air compressor. This works out nicely to save floor space in my very small shop. I added some peg board panels for hanging tools - actually helps brighten up the place. DCP_1099.JPG (571555 bytes)
February 3, 2003 - An updated photo of my workshop. More lighting. DCP_1137.JPG (578503 bytes)