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Official time building my Vans RV-9A: 2224.34 hours.

Building time for Flight Instruments: 0.0 hours.
Number of records for Flight Instruments: 4.

2007-07-10 Hours: 0 Category: Flight Instruments Manual Ref: ID#: 954
Trutrak auto pilot arrived!
My Trutrak ADI Pilot II arrived today! I saved $200 by ordering it now with the Young Eagles discount. Now I need to start working on my panel layout again.
The Trutrak ADI Pilot II unit fresh out of the box.
2006-01-28 Hours: 0 Category: Flight Instruments Manual Ref: ID#: 851
My new compass came in today
Bought the SIRE lighted compass from Vans and it arrived today. This marks my first change of heart on an instrument after purchase...and it was on the first instrument I purchased - a pedastal compass. I sent it back to Vans along with the order for the SIRE. It was new in the box, so I was sure they wouldn't mind me trading up to the SIRE. I think the slider mount SIRE will be much nicer. We shall see.
The SIRE lighted slider mount compass looks cool!
2005-10-12 Hours: 0 Category: Flight Instruments Manual Ref: ID#: 768
Couple of flight instruments arrived today
Received my order from Vans today. I bought an airspeed indicator, altimeter, hobbs meter with switch and two eyeball cockpit lights. The lights are a lot smaller than I had imagined, about 1.5" in diameter, which is great.
2005-03-04 Hours: 0 Category: Flight Instruments Manual Ref: ID#: 588
Bought my first instrument today
Had to order something from Vans, so I went ahead and order my first instrument today. It is the pedestal mount compass. What I was ordering initially was only $6-7 and I did not want to pay Vans the $4 order fee and then shipping just for that, so I ordered the compass and a third tie down ring.

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